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Bad Fats Are Worse for You Than Sugar

While omega-3s make your cell membranes healthier, omega-6 fats from vegetable oils wreak havoc with your cellular metabolism, and have a half-life of 600 to 680 days. Therefore, harmful oils and fats are far more hazardous to your health than added sugar and grain carbs.

“The aspect of lipid peroxidation itself is also accelerating aging and causes carcinogenesis and also leads the creation or the accumulation of lipofuscin, which is this age-related wear and tear pigment,” Land explains.
“Lipofuscin also begins to cause cellular damage and inhibits autophagy. Again, once you have bad fats stuck inside your cell membranes, then burning fat itself also becomes an inflammatory act.

So, if you are fasting while you have bad fats inside your cell membranes, then you are leaching those same bad fats into your system, and that’s why you may get a lot of detox symptoms. You may actually feel worse from fasting or ketosis just because you’re burning the wrong fats that are stuck inside your body fat.”

One simple way to tell whether you might have a lot of bad fats in your system is to look at your skin. The dark so-called “age spots” or “liver spots” many have are caused by lipofuscin. Those spots can eventually disappear if you clean up your diet.

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